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  • We study monumental change in companies, markets and society to better understand the powerful forces shaping business.
  • We use this thinking as the starting point to generate high conviction investment decisions.
  • We provide our thinking and specific investment advice to institutional investors across sectors and companies worldwide.
  • To put our clients in a position to do the best work of their lives – to see and act on meaningful change before others do
  • To see the world with fresh eyes each day – becoming ever better investors as a result.
  • To build a community of rich trusting exchange we think is rare, if not unique, in our industry.
  • To practice our craft with a sense of compassion, empathy and service.
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Tuesday – Thursday
June 14th  -16th
The 7th gathering of the European version of the Sundance Retreat.
Past locations have included Prague, Budapest, Istanbul, Salzburg, Lisbon and Tallinn.
Investors going “offline” to reflect  together toward becoming ever-better at their craft and to consider the biggest changes just ahead in the world.

For information contact Fazia@coburnventures.com