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  • We study monumental change in companies, markets and society to better understand the powerful forces shaping business.
  • We use this thinking as the starting point to generate high conviction investment decisions.
  • We provide our thinking and specific investment advice to institutional investors across sectors and companies worldwide.
  • To put our clients in a position to do the best work of their lives – to see and act on meaningful change before others do
  • To see the world with fresh eyes each day – becoming ever better investors as a result.
  • To build a community of rich trusting exchange we think is rare, if not unique, in our industry.
  • To practice our craft with a sense of compassion, empathy and service.
Ideas Book: Release 5
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Tuesday – Thursday
May 10th -12th
Sundance, Utah

Inspired by Warren Buffett, who in the late 1950s
would go “offline” with a group of friends (before
there was “offline”). This time is meant to reflect and
plan ways to become ever-better investors, as well
as to contemplate the biggest changes in the world.

For information contact Fazia@coburnventures.com