David Harvey

David-Harvey-SmallWhen I met with a friend in mid-2005 as we were starting Coburn Ventures I relayed that I was looking for a chief operating officer and he had two bits of advice:

#1 you don’t want to hire a chief operating officer who will have to learn on the job

#2 you have to hire my friend David Harvey. He is a perfect fit for you.

So after only about a month operating as a consultant David joined on a full-time basis.

David’s level of conscientiousness at that time rivaled even Dave Bujnowski’s as world class. Many attributes of David were notable from the first moment: his immediate sense of loyalty, his willingness to do anything for the cause, his spirit of enjoying the scrambling activity of a startup that would draw on all his experiences and most significantly perhaps his rich love of being part of a team.

David has contributed significantly to all of the significant strategy decisions of the firm and has also ensured that all of the details of day to day workings of a small firm are handled superbly.

Prior to Coburn Ventures, David worked as President and COO of Grange Park Capital, where in 2002 he helped launch and then ran the business side of that $400M hedge fund.

Previously David served the reinsurance community most recently at The Hartford. David has run practices in Copenhagen as well as Mexico City.

David graduated from Pennsylvania State University having studied International Economics and was a distinguished fencer.

One of the attributes of David that is so distinctive is his incredible intellectual capacity teamed with a seeming interest in most every topic under the sun. We joke that if we had David as well as our two Fellows Steve Crandall and Willie Ward in one room at the same time the knowledge at hand might rival Wikipedia. ;)

When I asked David for his thoughts on his bio he offered this:

“I enjoy the best of both worlds – looking after details and systems and the machinery of a firm that aspires to be great as well as serving clients directly.  It affords me the chance to both contribute thinking and execute plans.  And the intent of the group to create a holistic space for human beings to experience their lives has meant I can see my kids off to school one minute and help lead a client call the next.”

On that final note:  starting in 2005 I have been extraordinarily fortunate to work from Maine for 8-10 weeks each summer given the strong communication and conscientiousness in the firm. David has now for many years spent 5-6 weeks each summer with his wife Ann and two children Rob and Mary at his cottage on a small deeply community-oriented island an hour outside of Stockholm.

If men are sometimes characterized as being especially challenged in finding their path of purpose in a daily manner with their children and spouses as they merely get “overwhelmed” and “lost” in the mechanics of work and career  – which they don’t find purpose in outside of a paycheck – David is certainly not one of them! He has an extraordinary capacity to find meaning and ever present ways to contribute to family, community and work.

…Pip, January, 2013

A Favorite Quote

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” – Viktor Frankl