Faye Robb


Faye is an original founder at Coburn Ventures.  I have known and worked with her longer than anyone else. This July will mark 14 years and they have gone fast :)

Faye joined me in July of 1999 to start the Global Technology Strategy effort at UBS at a time when most people in and outside of UBS had no idea what a Global Technology Strategist was supposed to do, as I was the first.  There was certainly going to be a lot of integration of the work of 160 analysts in twenty countries;  virtually none of whom reported directly to me! And we wanted 1600 clients also to be positively affected as well as 125 sales people all around the globe. That was the vague task. Hiring Faye proved a godsend.

Prior to UBS, Faye spent two years in investor relations at Geac, an enterprise software company based in Canada and one year in corporate bond research at CIBC World Markets.

Faye was just as interested as I was in bringing new thinking into the world of tech investing as it appealed to her sensibilities. Our efforts  matched her moderately rebellious spirit which  has always tended toward believing there could be a different and a better way; which was also perfectly suited for starting something new.

Faye has been learning about change and technology specifically ever since.

When I asked one of my future bosses why they wished to hire me (before I accepted),  he said: “Well, we think you will get on well with everyone and you will figure the job out as you go.” Faye helped on both of those accounts from 1999 through 2005, when we decided to set up Coburn Ventures.

During her 6 years at UBS, Faye contributed to over 200 releases of the Weekly Global Tech Journey. Today, Faye is now responsible for trading and assists me in gathering information for portfolio management.

Faye earned a degree from the University of Toronto, with a major in Economics and minor in German Language and Literature.

When I asked Faye to contribute a description of herself for this bio she offered:  “I’m the mother of two girls and partner to my husband. I’m an aspiring minimalist looking to simplify life.”

Faye has a love of outdoors, skiing, running, yoga, travel, music…  She knows chocolate… She loves scuba diving and her stories of such always remind me why I will never attempt it!

…Pip, January, 2013

A Favorite Quote

“Less is more.” Mies van der Rohe