Purple Cow

Seth Godin

Remarkable book that stresses making remarkable and only remarkable products in order to compete… an anti-me-too discussion



James Othmer

An extremely talented and insightful and easy to read writer who dives deeply into his own often times extremely dissatisfying experience in the ad industry in order to help himself see more for having purpose in his life and he allows us an inside view to his experience in the process. I happened on to James as the uncle of my daughter’s teacher’s fiance… We didn’t even use facebook… Imagine… Old time connecting :). I will read every book he ever writes going forward without asking questions. His fiction is sensational as well: The Futurist nearly makes this list. Holy Water is also a blast.


Citizen Marketers: When People Are the Message

Ben McConnell and Jackie Hub

A wide ranging survey of topics that involve current usage patterns of the Internet in affectong businesses which didn’t exist 5-10 years ago. A great way to think a bit about analyzing companies today as well as our own business.


The Loyalty Effect: The Hidden Force Behind Growth, Profits, and Lasting Value

Frederick F. Reichheld

This is a classic of the loyalty crowd… Written in 1996. The basic message is that it is important for business success to include continuity of employees, investors and clients. While it is clear thru reading these pages and having lived during the past ten years that few companies are operating as if their organization would reeeeaaallly be around in a few years and forced to clean up any mess currently being created…. At the same time I think the author is really talking about “continuity” as opposed to “loyalty” — a discussion of the difference between the two might have been valuable for the author to lead.


The One to One Future

Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, PH.D.

Though the one-on-one world did not happen anywhere close to the pace the writers suggested — and still hasn’t — it is a great piece getting at the heart of a key change in marketing