Technology History

Bright Boys

Tom Green

A story about the development of the Whirlwind at MIT – the first digital computer. The role of the military and the post WWII Cold War and the development of the latest aircraft were the critical facilitating factors


The HP Way: How Bill Hewlett and I Built Our Company

David Packard

It is almost a must to read an HP history somewhere along the line… They don’t make for the swash buckling story of a larry ellison to be sure but good folk.


Only The Paranoid Survive

Andrew S. Grove

From Intel’s chairman — chronicle of the company’s development


City of Light

Jeff Hecht

Very reasonable read of the history of fiber optics and simple explanations of the relevant technology


Accidental Empires

Robert X. Cringely

All the egos of the PC age — easy read


Dealers of Lightning

Michael A. Hiltzik

Xerox PARC at one point had an embarrassingly large number of super talents of the computer and communications world… this is the story of the organization… outstanding


High Noon

Karen Southwick

Sun Microsystem saga


Insanely Great

Steven Levey

The story of the PC revolving around Steve Jobs and Apple


Inside Intel

Tim Jackson

Great great history piece on Intel



George Gilder

One of the most interesting and thorough pieces ever written about how the semiconductor world developed


The Dream Machine

M. Mitchell Waldrop

A tribute to one of the heroes of the PC age… JCR Licklider


The HP Way

David Packard

The story of Hewlett Packard from David Packard’s eyes


The Search

John Battelle

A wonderful review of the history of search and Google’s role in it.


The Qualcomm Equation

David Mock

Good chronological review of the qualcomm story and more importantly an analysis of the extraordinary brilliant achievement in creating an entire ecosystem in order to get the cdma technology adopted..


The Soul of a New Machine

Tracy Kidder

Pulitzer prize winner about actually getting a mini-computer to market…


A Brief History of the Future

John Naughton

Chronicles key developments if the Internet — very easy and enjoyable read


The Road Ahead

Bill Gates

Doesn’t go much of anywhere — paperback edition acknowledged the Internet


Game Over

David Sheff

“How Nintendo Conquered the World” — mid 70s thru mid 90s look at the development of the gaming market


Weaving the Web

Tim Berners-Lee

Balanced view of how the World Wide Web developed and changed life from its creator.


The Search

John Battelle

A wonderful review of the history of search and Google’s role in it.