The Nature Of Technology

Brian Arthur

One of my favorite people, thinkers, writers… He is just brilliant and kind as is shown in the language and examples he uses in this book to make it accessible even if that will cost him impression points in some circles.

The Nature of Technology has so much in common w Roger Martin’s The Opposable Mind.

Technology is a set of parts put together in new manners to serve a human purpose. Parts combine to beget more parts… To allow more possible combinations of new technologies (parts)… Ad infinitum most likely.

Who are the “inventors”? In Brian Arthur’s terms: who are the people who figure out new ways to combine parts to serve a human purpose (when often the human purpose isn’t even commonly understood?)… Perhaps by definition they are Roger Martin’s folks who are empowered with integrative thinking: a combination of matery and creativity.

I also enjoy that Brian Arthur speaks of technology as a set of building blocks that can be traced back historically w ancestry as opposed to playing up the “magic” notion that technology is about major leaps that capture wide attention. Wonderfully, “every technology contains the seeds of a problem…”


Why Things Bite Back: Technology and the Revenge of Unintended Consequences

Edward Tenner

A very very very useful reminder that technology brings with it unintended consequences that are good to manage… All “technology” is not inherently “good”… Of course, who wants to listen to that!


The Holy Grail of Data Storage Management

Jon William Toigo

a hard core piece that is n longer the holy grail… Ah, time goes on :)


A Brief History of Time

Stephen Hawking

Even with Stephen Hawking’s attempts to make this easy, I didn’t understand much of it at all.


Using Sans and NAS

W. Curtis Preston

The differences between storage area networks and network attached storage explained in, well, almost common english


The Hype About Hydrogen

Joseph Romm

Review of alternative energy options and a balanced view of the obstacles ahead in getting to a hydrogen economy


The Hunt for Zero Point

Nick Cook

Multi-year investigation on the technology behind anti-gravity technology (meaning –> UFOs)


Engines of creation

Eric Drexler

Superb 1986 primer for anyone wanting the basics on nanotechnology