Dan Sigler

Dan-SmallWe like to take our time getting to know candidates – and for them to have a significant opportunity to know all of us. We don’t like to “interview” people or for them to “interview” us. We don’t want to put our “best foot forward” or aim to impress or vice versa! Makes no sense to us. We want to find and experience great matches. Most people on the planet would be terrible terrible matches for Coburn Ventures and same for us with them.

We are a small firm with a tremendous respect for culture and as such anyone that joins full-time will have an incredibly large impact on the firm. So it took 3-4 months to get to know Dan after a client had connected us. By July 2011 we all knew Dan was a great fit but it has been even better than we anticipated.

In creating a small, deeply-service-oriented, exceptionally team-oriented firm we all do anything that it takes. So in our research analysts we want people capable of growing into effectively taking on exceptionally complex businesses and generating highly effective crystal clear thinking – while also being totally excited to make sure that the attendees at one of our many community gatherings feel totally at home because we spelled their name right in an email!

Dan has it all.

Dan is from Pittsford, NY just miles away from where I spent 7 years of my own youth in Penfield. Both are a stone’s throw from downtown Rochester. Dan went to college at Harvard and studied economics and then moved back to Rochester to work for Manning + Napier… A world class money manager that grew up in Rochester.  Dan worked in the tech group where he received significant grounding in basic business and security analysis. The comprehensiveness of thought and examination which Manning + Napier are known for translated into a substantive set of tools to build from. Would that every young analyst was so lucky.

Eventually Dan wanted to follow his girlfriend from Harvard and now fiance to New York City! Great for us!

On one trip that I made to Rochester to visit my sister I had the fortune of meeting the wonderful folks at Manning + Napier and they eventually became a client and Dan came to know our work prior to a brief stop he had at a fund in Chicago. In 2011, when we let our friends know we were looking to hire an analyst at Manning + Napier mentioned Dan.

So we steadily got to know Dan until we decided to join up! Dan’s business analysis skills are both grounded in training as well as somewhat natural for whatever reason. He picked up on our very specific investment process very quickly which maybe means we are just better teachers today than before but I doubt that is the full explanation! I think it is that Dan is radically bright, works hard, loves to learn, is very coachable and has a desire to generate excellence in his work. And he is curious! Like Dave, he deeply enjoys attempting to solve puzzles.

Dan also loves being part of the team which is perhaps THE common thread among all of us.

Dan is old-fashioned, refusing to read books off yet another digital device – he suggests that he is apt to read Twain, Dumas or Dickens but don’t let him have you believe that he is so so serious or such. He describes himself as a former outdoorsman and a Buffalo Bills fan which I suspect he would love to reverse as a current outdoorsman and former Buffalo Bills fan. He played soccer in high school and is likely the fastest runner today at Coburn Ventures… We may have to do some timed 40 yard dashes to make certain.

He likes to find great pizza.

As with everyone at Coburn Ventures Dan is a joy to work with day-to-day.

…Pip, January, 2013

A Favorite Quote:

“Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.”― Dr. Seuss