Priscilla Monteiro

Priscilla-smallOur office and my home are in a small town in Westchester called Pleasantville. Priscilla ran a business in town for 11 years selling fine stationery and invitations. I was her first large order for holiday cards back in 2000 largely because I tend to be quite early in organizing such each year and so even before she was ready for the season I was in wanting to place my order.

Eleven years later when we were looking to hire additional support for David Harvey and as Priscilla was 8 months pregnant with her second child Jack and considering selling her business we were fortunate to have her consider working with us! She started in July of 2011.

Priscilla has melted into our culture sensationally while adding to it with an “anything can be accomplished” mentality and a non-stop sense of fun and a deep love of working in the team. She also rivals Dave as our best story teller in our “best moments of the week” meeting on Mondays.

Priscilla operates as support for David Harvey’s work as our chief operating officer as well as additional executive assistant support for Pip, Dave and Brynne.  She and Fazia are a dynamic duo in creating the many gatherings we work to create each year.

Priscilla is originally from Portugal and moved to the United States as a teen. Her husband Greg grew up in Pleasantville. In addition to Jack, she is also mom to a 5-year-old, Bella.  She is one of the few people you might encounter who is uncertain of her actual birthdate.

She loves the outdoors and loves as much time as possible hiking and walking or just sitting and enjoying the views over the Hudson River.  Her family loves travelling to Vermont and trips visiting family in her small countryside hometown in Portugal. I will testify that Priscilla makes the best chicken soup in the world which she claims is a function of growing up without fast food!

…Pip, January, 2013